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Planning a party should be a fun experience.

We are here to help break it down so that it is as effortless as it's going to look!

Call the store to set up a time to meet and plan with one our skilled associates.


As a general rule of thumb you can expect each guest to have 2 drinks during the first hour of a party
and then another one for each hour after that.

A bottle of wine (750ml) contains roughly 5 glasses depending on the pour size.
A Liter of Spirits contains 22 drinks (assuming 1.5 oz per drink)


Where it becomes interesting is when you consider variables such as day of the week, time of day, theme, venue, knowledge of your guests' party habits and even time of year. That's why we are here! During our conversation we will guide you through the process of planning the quanities. Then comes the fun part -- picking the actual products!


Delivery is available during certain times and within a certain radius of our shop. *fee may apply.